I have been traveling to El Salvador every summer since I was born. When I was younger I would go to summer camp too, but as I have gotten older, and my grandmother has gotten older, I have dropped my summer extracurriculars to spend more time with her. I  travel to El Salvador with her and spend 2-3 weeks in her hometown, and then my parents will meet me there.

If you don’t know about El Salvador, I don’t  blame you. El Salvador is a pretty small country in Central America. If you DO know about El Salvador, I bet you haven’t heard a lot of good things. You’ve probably heard about the gang violence. But, El Salvador is actually pretty awesome. However, the purpose of this blog post isn’t to persuade you to visit my country, but to talk about my experience.

This summer I will do a mini blog series and youtube vlogs to show you what I pack, and like I said talk about my thoughts and experiences. I have decided that I will be posting weekly updates about things I’m doing and places I’m visiting. Stay tuned for more posts from this series!


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