This past April I bit the bullet and I bought myself a hardcover Moleskine with the idea of using it as my planner. Bullet journaling has been very popular on Instagram amongst people that need a practical yet fun and creative way to stay organized. I  have always been a fan of Instagrammers like @bohoberry, @studylustre and @tbhstudying because they essentially create masterpieces on small pieces of paper. However, they also intimidated me and pulled me away from starting my own bullet journal. I mean I already had a planner that worked for me, so why should I spend $20 dollars to only use around 10 pages of a book? But, I’m an impulsive person, so I bought a Moleskine. Even though I had better things to be working on, that same day I spent around 2 hours setting up my new planner. Seems a little counterproductive right? Oh well, what can I say? I’m obsessed with stationary and planning. Since I started my bullet journal in April, I was still in school, so here are some pictures of how I set up my bullet journal during the regular school year.

During the school year, I would set up weekly spreads with my classes for each day, and the assignments due for each class that day. I found that this setup worked really well for me because it helped me visualize all the work I had to do and made it easier to plan what I had to do each day.

My daily spreads are pretty self-explanatory. The date is followed by tasks I hope to complete that day. Once I finish the task, I fill in the circle and cross out the task. I like to keep this page simple so I can focus on the tasks at hand instead of decorating the page. In this spread, there’s also a sticky note. I like to use sticky notes when I just need to do things that are ongoing, or for shopping lists. In this case, the sticky note was a prom shopping list. Once I’m done using the sticky notes I keep them in my bullet journal to use as scrap paper.

Now it’s summer and typically people consider summer a time to rest and take a break from the work, but I’m about to go into my senior year, and I’m in the IB program, so that means I have to work on college applications, my extended essay (EE), ACT preparation and several internal assessments (IA). I’m not so happy about all the work, but thankfully I have my bullet journal to keep me on track so I don’t have to do all the work the week before school starts. Since I don’t have to do things every single day or have assignments due throughout the week, I got rid of my weeklies, and I am just using daily spreads. Here are some pictures of my summer layout:

Instead of doing separate monthly spreads I combined the three months and created a to-do list and goals for the entire summer. Also, like I mentioned earlier, I got rid of my weekly spreads and only log daily tasks.

Another thing that scared me about the whole bullet journaling process besides the intricate doodles is that all the bullet journaling accounts and studyblr accounts online use SUPER expensive pens and markers. Truth be told, I don’t have that type of money. I like to stick to things I can find at target. My favorite things to use are crayola supertips, G-2 pilot pens (0.5 and 0.7) for decorating, and BIC mechanical pencils for planning my spreads. I definitely  wouldn’t recommend just going ham with pen, because like the wise Hannah Montana once said, “everybody makes mistakes.” Also, rulers are super helpful. I recommend getting a mini one, like a 6-inch ruler, that you can just stick in the back of your notebook.


Thanks for reading! Comment if you have any other tips and the names of some of your favorite bullet journaling accounts!


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